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再講一次,唔係 Debian Linux,係 Debian GNU/Linux


前幾日去開王府井書店,見到有本書叫《Debian Linux系统配置与管理》。云云 Linux 書海裏有本專門寫 Debian 的實屬少見,所以特別易搵。二話不說,梗係第一時間拎嚟睇吓,睇書我好留意作者,一睇,原來作者係信息产业部软件与集成电路促进中心 (CSIP),喺北京搞過 Linux 的人都知道 CSIP 係信息產業部下面嘅一大 linux player,個 linux lab 人就唔係好多,但喺 server 就多到用唔晒。講眞,睇見作者係 CSIP 我就即刻打咗個突,心唸既然佢哋都寫到 Debian admin 嘅書,咁我都可以寫 kernel hacking。內容就唔多講喇,想學 Debian 的話都會有用嘅,不過唔該搞清楚個 distribution 個名先好寫,係 Debian GNU/Linux,唔係 Debian Linux 呀,大佬。

Debian Tee

Debian Tee model

Wow, Debian and its logo are used as an example of Geek Tee on a local magazine! Thanks Yorick for scanning the article from the PC Market. Click on the image to see the full page.

Debian is definitely getting more popular and mainstream, while maintaining its geek status. Hmm, I can now see the day of world domination is near…

No. of download per architecture for

After reading Tollef Fog Heen‘s blog, I tried to do a similar statistics on from Dec 2004 to Feb 2005. Results are as follows (only include successful requests, that is HTTP 200 responses). Hmm, I think some archs can be cut to save some disk space…

Dec 2004

192207 i386
64539 all
6264 powerpc
352 sparc
174 hppa
142 arm
112 mipsel
21 alpha
9 mips
8 m68k
4 s390
3 ia64

(ignoring requests from Googlebot)

192195 i386
64486 all
6255 powerpc
339 sparc
167 hppa
133 arm
104 mipsel
12 alpha

Jan 2005

221980 i386
70907 all
2072 powerpc
1044 alpha
611 mipsel
456 sparc
298 hppa
272 m68k
252 mips
250 s390
238 ia64
214 arm

(ignoring requests from Googlebot)

221751 i386
70753 all
1807 powerpc
812 alpha
398 mipsel
205 sparc
45 hppa
1 ia64

Feb 2005

177502 i386
63081 all
3431 powerpc
214 sparc
174 mipsel
102 alpha
40 m68k
38 mips
33 hppa
28 ia64
26 s390
18 arm

(ignoring requests from Googlebot)

177470 i386
63035 all
3400 powerpc
188 sparc
148 mipsel
71 alpha
1 m68k

First day of Beijing Debian mini-conf

The first day of Beijing Debian mini-conf was a success, and I’m sure tomorrow will still be great. Although we don’t have any fist fight or even the slightest flamewar as Alex Schemhl had expected, the participants are really looking for something in this conference. There are more than 10 journalists in this morning, so there are more people than we expected and the room was already full when I arrived and chairs had to be added to accomodate more people, yet some people still have to stand (Oops yes I was late anyway).

The high time is the keysigning session. It’s cool to do something that other people don’t know what you’re doing yet you’re enjoying doing it. (Just kidding :)) Although this is the Asian Debian mini-conf, there are actually people coming from all over the world, the US, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Great event.

Good job Roger, your planning is great and all the hard work you did was worth of it!

Got to finish signing the keys of the people I met today, my notebook has problem in booting up during the keysigning party so I have to do it now.