RAYS TS silently evolves to be Web 2.0

RAYS TS, the advanced cinema ticketing system written in Java Swing, will not just be able to sell tickets and manage box office any more. The new version, which is to be launched after alpha test is finished, will fully embrace the web 2.0 framework by switching from Java Swing to the rich client paradigm. New features include blogging and social networking. The idea is to help you make more friends while you are buying tickets, and encourage more user-contributed contents. The system will automatically match up frequent visitors who watch the same movies as you and the RAYS TS backend system will send you SMS whenever there is a match. Every web page will be splashed with lots of (i.e. more than what you need) icons so that you can add our site to popular bookmarking and news reading sites easily, those include del.ico.us, Technorati, Bloglines, ViVi, Newsgator, Pluck, Newsburst, Rojo, Kinja, Feedlounge, to name a few. The whole website will be AJAX driven so users can enjoy the ability to drag-and-drop. In the test we did, we found that you could drag up anything and then dropped it to anywhere, pretty cool.

Apparently, RAYS TS is a web 2.0 product that any VC shouldn’t miss out, I think it’ll become really hot, and I predict that their new website (with the word “beta”, of course) will be launched very soon. As any web 2.0 website does, it has a unique (or not so unique) logo, with the shadow effect, the “beta” tag, and in a cozy light blue color tone.

RAYS TS for web 2.0
Generated by Web 2.0 Logo Generator.

P.S. The above is solely a parody.

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