Beating a dead horse

民建聯主席馬力剛剛去世,因為馬力直譯成英文就是 “horse power”,這樣讓我聯想起一句英文諺語 “beating a dead horse”。這句諺語的意思是指不要為一些已經討論完畢或已下結論的議題再拿出來討論,或者是喋喋不休的討論一個不能改變的事情。現就馬力早前的“無恥”言論舉一例子:

“Every sane person knows that protesters had been killed during the June 4th Tiananmen crackdown, even the party has shut their mouth about this incident, telling the public that no one was killed is just beating a dead horse.”


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