真係未見過有公司咁樣 launch website 嘅,原本個 website run 得好地地,為咗推新 service,將成個 site 換咗佢,結果係搞到好多俾咗錢聽 archive 嘅人聽唔到,特別係一眾 Mac user 同非 Windows user。嗰個新推出嘅 Toolbar 又唔 support OS X,又唔 support Firefox 3。原本嗰 site 都仲有得俾 user 揀用 RealPlayer 定係 Windows Media Player (Microsoft ASF format) 來收聽 realtime 廣播同 archive,但係個新 website 淨係 serve ASF 同埋用佢個 P2P toolbar。香港公司搞 website,已經無眼睇好耐。宜家咩年代啊,做 website 竟然仲唔注意係唔係 cross-platform。雖然 Real Audio 同 ASF 都係 proprietary,但係點計 RealPlayer 嘅 cross-platform support 都好過 ASF 好多,Mac 有 client,Linux 又有,連 Unix 都有。宜家商台竟然仲廢埋 Real Audio,有無搞錯。其實商台真係好天真好傻,將個 site outsource 俾大陸公司做,大陸公司做 website 出名 IE-only,商台自己嘅 project management 又好有問題,無做好 testing 唔駛講,個 site 宜家俾人媽到飛起,俾咗錢嘅用唔到應有服務,咁都仲唔 rollback 番個舊 site 出來,又或者同時間放番個舊 site 出來一齊行,咁係咪即係話根本無諗過任何 fallback plan,無 contingency plan 嘅呢?前幾日入去商台個 website,赫然發現個 domain name 變咗 beta.881903.com,心諗,唔係唔記得改番 DNS 吓嘛,邊有人用咁嘅 domain name 架,後來先發現原來商台係認真嘅,仲喺埋個 logo 寫住 beta,懶係 web 2.0 咁,真係膠到無朋友。人哋啲 website 寫住 beta,好似 gmail 咁,alpha, beta, gamma 都無問題,因為第一,佢就算係 beta 都仍然好 stable,第二,佢無收我錢。但係商台呢個 case 唔係咁,我真係唔信竟然有人 launch beta service 俾 paid service 嘅 user 咁樣搵香蕉皮自己踩。

好,鬧完,既然俾咗錢,唯有自救,用 XCode + Applescript + shell script 寫咗個 application 俾 Mac OS 10.5 嘅 user 用(唔知 10.4 得唔得,得嘅話通知聲),可以聽得番 archive,呢度 download。Download 完記得睇 README 點樣用!為咗獲得最佳效果,請同時下載 Real Player & Flip4Mac,得閒可以順手裝埋 Perian

更新 2/7/2008 6:25pm: 如果你安裝咗 Flip4Mac,你要先響 System Preferences 度打開 Flip4Mac,make sure “Use Filp4Mac WMV Browser Plug-in” 選項無被揀中。

33 thoughts on “商業電台網站大混亂”

  1. I even cannot listen to the archive of 881903 after installing your application. I use 10.5.3 and with real player and persian installed. I go the following error when I click the download mode in your application.

    The variable asfFilenames is not defined. (-2753)

    I hope you can give me an answer about this. Thanks.

  2. KW: First of all, are you following the instructions in the README file? Which browser are you using, Firefox 3 or Safari? Can you see if there are any files downloaded by the web browser (you can check the Downloads window of the browser)?

  3. If you have followed my instructions by using my app to launch for asf files then flip4mac won’t kick in. I’ve updated my app and you may want to check it out.

  4. Hi Anthony! Thanks for your wonderful application, finally can listen to the archive! 881903.com sucks!

  5. Thanks for the update. However, I still need to uncheck “use Filp4Mac WMV Browser Plug-in” at the System Preference Panel before it works with Safari.

  6. KW thanks for the tips, coincidentally I don’t have that option checked, that’s why I haven’t never had the problem, thanks.

  7. 你好,在google serch debian 找到你的 ^_^



  8. I still can’t listen to the Archive. Is this program design for Intel-based Mac ?
    I test on both my PowerPC base G5 (10.4.11) and PowerBook G4 (10.5.2). Both are not working (and of course I de-active Fli4Mac). Any hint ?

  9. 唔駛客氣。我都係香港人網擁躉,順便喺度呼籲吓,無必要就唔好聽商台啦,聽 My radio 啦。

  10. Anthony,你好勁呀!因為我唔係電腦人,所以呢個program好似magic 一樣!
    我都係My radio 擁躉呀!而家只有四成時間聽903,六成聽my radio ~

  11. Anthony,

    Just wondering the download option of your magical program. Where are those files been saved like in temporary file? Otherwise would those files accumulated in my computer till use up all my hard drive space?

    once again, thanks for your wonderful program :D

  12. This is me again, just wondering did u send your magical program to HKCR? since i just got a technical support, they sent me a program and test files look like 100% same as ur program ~

    Not sure if they just get ur magical program without ur permission. You can have a look to confirm.

  13. The great Anthon,

    Thanks for publishin the programme for everyone who uses mac, ur the man.

    I just got a quicky for u, is there anyway that i can save the 903 file so that i can add into my ipod library, apart from upgrading my quicktime player to pro version, it seems that the file will be automactically opened on quicktime. thanks.

  14. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the program! I am very frustrated and disappointed with the chances with 881903.com.

    I decided to terminate my subscription. How do you uninstall the SUCKER launcher?


  15. Katherine: if you choose the download option, the files are saved in a temporary location, most likely it is in /var/folders. Don’t worry, the files will be deleted upon reboot, so they won’t fill up your harddisk, unless you never restart your computer.

    I haven’t sent them my program, and I find it hilarious if they send the program to their customers, coz the name of the program is against them :)

  16. BEN: Actually the files have already been downloaded to your computer, you can find where they are from the info window. (You don’t need quicktime player pro).

  17. Lily: to uninstall, just move the application to the trash, then revert any actions you have done to Firefox or Flip4Mac.

  18. 謝謝你的 program,終於聽到 archive,攪左成個星期,903今次真係好過份。

    我選了 download 用 Quicktime 聽,但按一氣呵成,會同一時間開晒几個files,有辦法可以一氣呵成聽節目嗎?或需逐個click? Thanks a lot!

  19. 唉….. 黃兄,個爛鬼pk商台改咗d嘢,又唔得喇….. 之前都可以download到個asx file然後用Quicktime/Flip4Mac開,家下download落嚟嘅係pccs.gateway file,冇辦法打開………. >_

  20. Hello Anthony,

    Knowing that this is your old post from last year, but it just happened to me these few days (I started listed to 881903 early this year). All of a sudden, I can’t listen to the archive anymore. Does it happen to you too? Are they changing something recently?

    I use 10.5.8 and with real player, don’t need instant programs and instant news updates either, so I don’t have the toolbar.

    I have inform them about my issue. Thought I should ask you as well, it seems to me that you know much better than them.

    Candy F.

  21. yes, i havent been able to listen to the archives starting from 2 days ago. probably they hv changed something.

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