First day of Beijing Debian mini-conf

The first day of Beijing Debian mini-conf was a success, and I’m sure tomorrow will still be great. Although we don’t have any fist fight or even the slightest flamewar as Alex Schemhl had expected, the participants are really looking for something in this conference. There are more than 10 journalists in this morning, so there are more people than we expected and the room was already full when I arrived and chairs had to be added to accomodate more people, yet some people still have to stand (Oops yes I was late anyway).

The high time is the keysigning session. It’s cool to do something that other people don’t know what you’re doing yet you’re enjoying doing it. (Just kidding :)) Although this is the Asian Debian mini-conf, there are actually people coming from all over the world, the US, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Great event.

Good job Roger, your planning is great and all the hard work you did was worth of it!

Got to finish signing the keys of the people I met today, my notebook has problem in booting up during the keysigning party so I have to do it now.