About me

My name is Anthony Wong, I’m an experienced software developer, free and open-source software believer and a professional engineering manager with a deep technical and project management background.

Free (Libre) software and open source (FOSS) projects that I worked on:

  • Debian : the best free GNU/Linux operating system in the world, I was a Debian developer
  • Ubuntu (profile) : I am a contributor to Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Kylin : I am a tech lead of Ubuntu Kylin, a Ubuntu flavour that is tailored for People in Mainland China.
  • hotkeys (github) : making the multimedia keys on your keyboard work
  • QR code WordPress plugin
  • Lamerpad : Hanzi and Kanji handwriting input method for Linux
  • Rifiuti2: A forensic tool for analyzing MS Windows recycle bin
  • Scarab : a flexible bug tracking system written in Java
  • … and fixing bugs and localizing things (documentations, websites) here and there.

My working experience has been covering a broad range of interesting projects. From portal site development during the dotcom bubble to Linux programming, from Java application development to software project management (CMM, XP and agile methodologies), and from Facebook app development to computer and digital forensics. Currently I am working as a project manager on hardware enablement of Ubuntu on desktop/notebooks.

I was born in Hong Kong and have been living there for 2x years, after a few years of work I took the challenge and moved to Beijing to build a team of developers and manage a software project. Since then I have been staying there for more than 10 years and have a pretty clear understanding of how things work in China.

My email is , I can also be reached at various social media which can be found at the top of the page.

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