IBM, you have betrayed me three times

My IBM X40 notebook is having problems again, this time is the USB subsystem. No matter what USB devices I plug into the computer, they are not detected.

First was the harddisk, and then it was the battery, now it is USB. I’m fed up with all the problems I met with this notebook computer. If the quality of IBM notebooks has become so low, I wonder Lenovo won’t be any better.

Snowboard, Burton, Speed, Go go go!

Burton Blunt

I bought the Burton‘s Blunt snowboard while I was in Mammoth, CA, US. It costs US$320, It should be the cheapest Burton snowboard that I could find. The bindings I chose was Flow‘s AMP9. The step-in design is very convenient and costs just US$179, which is not expensive compare with other strap-in bindings. For the boots I bought a pair of Salomon‘s Maori. Its powerlace system makes it much easier to tighten the boots. I planned to buy one of those BOA boots but gave up at last, because it would be a hassle if the wire broke, it would be difficult to find someone to repair it in Beijing.

I also have some skiing and snowboarding photos in my gallery, remember to check it out! Have fun!

Burton Blunt front

Burton Blunt back