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Generates and adds QR code images to your WordPress 2.0 blog posts.


WP-QRcode is a highly configurable plugin that generates QR codes for your blog posts and lets you show them in specific places in your WordPress website. The purpose is for mobile phone users to have easy access to your posts by capturing the QR code by the phone’s camera and then go straightly to your post from the phone’s web browser. (Someone may probably choose to use it just for the coolness factor.)

  • You can control what to include in the QR code, including the post’s URL (permalink), title and/or time.
  • Several parameters of the QR code can be adjusted, such as the version, size and error correction level.


To see the plugin in action, click here.

Sites that use this plugin


Lastest version: 0.5 (zip) (tar.gz)


  1. Extract the downloaded archive to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. In the WordPress Admin Panel, activate the QR code plugin on the Plugins tab.
  3. Go to Options | QR code tab and follow the further installation steps shown on the page.
  4. Finish the installation by configuring the plugin in the Options | QR code tab.


Source code is available in the SVN repository at wp-plugins.org.

Report bugs and problems

If you have found any problems, feel free to report at http://dev.wp-plugins.org/newticket, choose qrcode in the plugin dropdown menu.


The plugin is licensed under the BSD license.


  • Version 0.5 (01-11-2006)
    • First release

19 thoughts on “QR code WordPress plugin”

  1. had a bit of a problem with my private blog while my professional/techy blog was working fine. turns out that wp_qrcode.php::get_qrcode_img_link() (but also its brother get_qrcode_img_popup_link()) was not including the site URL in the generated URL for the QR code image. if you change

    $url = get_option(“qrcode_image_path”) . ‘/’ . $id . ‘.png’;


    $url = get_option(‘home’) . get_option(“qrcode_image_path”) . ‘/’ . $id . ‘.png’;

    in both functions it’ll work just fine.

  2. Hi
    Please recomand me a aplication for moblile phone / SMS to read qr code that can automatically add in send mesage personal data such as Email, Face Book Account,or twiter ..

    Track QR code


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