RAYS TS silently evolves to be Web 2.0

RAYS TS, the advanced cinema ticketing system written in Java Swing, will not just be able to sell tickets and manage box office any more. The new version, which is to be launched after alpha test is finished, will fully embrace the web 2.0 framework by switching from Java Swing to the rich client paradigm. New features include blogging and social networking. The idea is to help you make more friends while you are buying tickets, and encourage more user-contributed contents. The system will automatically match up frequent visitors who watch the same movies as you and the RAYS TS backend system will send you SMS whenever there is a match. Every web page will be splashed with lots of (i.e. more than what you need) icons so that you can add our site to popular bookmarking and news reading sites easily, those include del.ico.us, Technorati, Bloglines, ViVi, Newsgator, Pluck, Newsburst, Rojo, Kinja, Feedlounge, to name a few. The whole website will be AJAX driven so users can enjoy the ability to drag-and-drop. In the test we did, we found that you could drag up anything and then dropped it to anywhere, pretty cool.

Apparently, RAYS TS is a web 2.0 product that any VC shouldn’t miss out, I think it’ll become really hot, and I predict that their new website (with the word “beta”, of course) will be launched very soon. As any web 2.0 website does, it has a unique (or not so unique) logo, with the shadow effect, the “beta” tag, and in a cozy light blue color tone.

RAYS TS for web 2.0
Generated by Web 2.0 Logo Generator.

P.S. The above is solely a parody.


讓我想一想 ~ 陳綺貞

有陽光 有流水 還有微風吹
隨著天色的改變 心情的外衣也要多加一件
這些對 那些好 我想追 我想逃
其實我也害怕 可不可以就這樣停下來

有寂寞 有笑語 有看不見的雪
該如何整理這忙亂的城市 還有我的心事
躲在十二月熱鬧的夜 我只要一個人安安靜靜地
甚麼對 甚麼好 不要問 不要猜
不要太靠近我 可不可以勇敢的停下來
我要多一點空間 好讓我再想一想

有陽光 有流水 還有微風吹

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The Eight-honor and Eight-shame

In order to promote the great thoughts of our supreme party of the people and mother country (note that “party”, the Communist party, must be put in the front before anything) to all those gwai lous living in China, I hereby shamelessly copy-and-pasted the English version of the new thinking put forward by out party in this year, by which Chinese people are being educated, on TV, in taxis, posters on the streets, everywhere – the Eight-honor and Eight-shame (八荣八耻)!!!!!!!!

Eight-honor and Eight-shame (八荣八耻)

Honor to those who love the motherland,
and shame on those who harm the motherland.

Honor to those who serve the people,
and shame on those who betray the people.

Honor to those who quest for science,
and shame on those who refuse to be educated.

Honor to those who are hardworking,
and shame on those who indulge in comfort and hate work.

Honor to those who help each other,
and shame on those who seek gains at the expense of others.

Honor to those who are trustworthy,
and shame on those who trade integrity for profits.

Honor to those who abide by law and discipline,
and shame on those who break laws and discipline.

Honor to those who uphold plain living and hard struggle,
and shame on those who wallow in extravagance and pleasures.

Reference: http://www.catti.net.cn/news/manage/news/news_show.asp?id=730