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Notebook LCD broken, using VNC4

The LCD of my IBM X21 has become worse for quite a few days now, it doesn’t display the correct colors – black as red and white as cyan, etc, that’s horribe to the eyes. Until a new one arrive (the IBM X40, yay) tonight, I am using VNC4 on another desktop computer to use the X desktop. Strangely I can’t make the VGA output work after around the time that I upgraded to the 2.6 series kernel. I’m happy with VNC4 so far, the only problem is when I press Ctrl-space to switch to input Chinese, the keystrokes are captured by the host computer instead of the desktop being connected.

中日韓 Linux 聯盟 何去何從

盛傳已久的中日韓(CJK) Linux 聯盟具體工作已經正式開始。昨天我突然收到通知,公司要我去中方的工作組開會。得悉日本和韓國已經提出了初步方案,中國之前則只是隨便的提到會做有關桌面的東西。對於這些會議我從來不感興趣,因為實際效益實在太低,對於我喜歡少說話多做事的就覺得是浪費時間。

會議第一階段是自由發言,大家各自就日本和韓國的方案發表意見。第二階段各人提出方案,特別是就桌面方面的想法提出意見。由於聯盟能做的絕對不是開發工作,因為協調不容易,不同公司有自身的利益,一個跨公司的開發團隊成功的機會很底。所以目標是放在研究和調查等方面。我提出我們可以從 desktop 的 usability 著手,對於現在流行的 Linux desktop 做 usability 的研究,制定測試的方法和準則,然後分別在中日韓三國建立實驗室,得出分析報告。結果可以給 Gnome 和 KDE 做參考,希望能有正面的影響,促進 Linux desktop 在 usability 的發展。

建議得到非常正面的反應,在座成員都表示這是一個很值得去做的事情,唯獨是那個擁有國家背景的Linux distro的代表強烈反對,就他一人提出了一大堆能不能做、會不會做的問題,但就是不去想怎麼才能做,是不是應該做。雖然主席和其他幾個人極力和他 argue,但最後也是因為得不到共識而得放棄。今天我終於看到他們醜陋的面目。原來由中國政府一手扶持的這家公司就是由一群什麼都不會幹的廢物所控制。中國政府只要一天繼續直接或間接的幫助這些企業,那就像向一頭永不吃飽的獅子餵飼事物一樣,到頭來只是把納稅人的錢白白的花光。在這個不倫不類的社會主義政權下實行的資本主義制度,所帶來的就是這些社會毒瘤。


All work and no play…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. What work I have done this week, too much. Looked into Nukes from the Jboss project, tried different plugins of Eclipse: vim plugin, subversion plugin, black sun editor plugin, finally got to try out the Innodb engine in MySQL, discovered a cool GPL’d data modelling tool called DBDesigner4 which can reverse engineer databases, configured ODBC for PostgreSQL by using the PostgreSQL ODBC driver, psqlodbc and unixODBC, dug into Torque to see how it works with Innodb, and set up PhpWiki for our team. Oh my god!


Fast has two meanings: one means quick, the other means abstinence from food (守齋).

For Catholics, today is the Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent (四旬期),
and is a fasting day. So my breakfast is cereal, lunch is pasta+Campell
mushroom & corn soup, and dinner… is the worst, broccolli with
rice’s tasteless.

Hectic days

These 2 days should be one of the most hectic days in my life — my
sister hurt her back and fractured the lower part of her spline while
skiing. After sending her to the nearest hospital and had X-ray and CAT
scanned, the hospital realized that she need further treatment (brace
and/or surgery), so she was flied from Mammoth, Calif. to another
bigger hospital at Reno, Nevada. She was stable the whole way, from
taking her down on the slope to the hospital to the plane to the second
hospital. Thanks God, we’re still waiting for surgeon’s report, but it
is highly possible that she don’t need a surgery, as surgery on the
spline is dangerous.

This is the rundown of the whole ‘event’: