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  1. The expression “flush bonding” is not new; it is indeed used in, say, industrial manufacturing, to mean making a bond that is “flush” to the surface, I guess. Here is an example about a “flush bonding” surface for golf clubs: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20050034834.html

    And here is a dictionary claiming that “flushbonding” means “嵌入式”: http://dict.yqie.com/english/f/flush.htm

    However, searching for “flushbonding” on Google reveals mostly erroneous usage by Mainland Chinese, in embedded computing related academic paper no less! Really scary! Other more appropriate but apparently Chinese-only usage are: “flush bonding” electro-magnetic door locks, “flushbonding” light fixtures, “flushbonding” gas stove, etc. There must be more proper names for these, but that’s beyond my limited English skills. :-)



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