Google Calendar SMS Alert Comes to China


Now Google Calendar users in China can finally enjoy the same SMS alert service as in other countries. Although they mentions China Unicom as the only mobile provider to be supported, I have no problem in registering the service and receiving alerts even I’m a China Mobile subscriber. This alert service is very handy to everyone, as Google Calendar will send you SMS to your mobile phone whenever an event is going to begin.

An interesting tidbit is, they sent the verification code to my mobile phone via HUTCHISON_HK, where HUTCHISON is one of the mobile service providers in Hong Kong. It seems that Google choose neither China Mobile nor China Unicom, the two major mobile providers in China, as their partners.

4 thoughts on “Google Calendar SMS Alert Comes to China”

  1. I am also using the SMS alert service of google in Shanghai. However, i am not able to get google calendar on my mobile. It says URL/ calendar/m not found. Have you experienced this prob?

  2. I had similar thoughts when I was reading information about the subject online. Many experts tried to correct it but it seems the answer is more deeper. Anyway, I really appriciate how you presented the thoughts in the shortest possible way. It really helped me learning about the subject. Keep it up. Thank You

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