friends of friends of friends of friends…

Orkut is the new kid on the block, at least to me. Orkut being a
friends-of-friends network, it can only be joined by invitation only,
so you can only wait for someone to invite you or beg someone to send
an invitation to you if you want to play with it. This sounds nothing
until you read everybody is talking about it in their blog and you have
been left out and still cannot see the real picture, and this is where
the curiosity begins.

Just one word, cool.


Fast has two meanings: one means quick, the other means abstinence from food (守齋).

For Catholics, today is the Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent (四旬期),
and is a fasting day. So my breakfast is cereal, lunch is pasta+Campell
mushroom & corn soup, and dinner… is the worst, broccolli with
rice’s tasteless.

RAR, hahaha.

RAR 在國內非常流行,同事都是發 rar 的 file 給我,但 3.11 就非常搞笑,姑且看看以下兩個版本的 output 有何不同?!

Hectic days

These 2 days should be one of the most hectic days in my life — my
sister hurt her back and fractured the lower part of her spline while
skiing. After sending her to the nearest hospital and had X-ray and CAT
scanned, the hospital realized that she need further treatment (brace
and/or surgery), so she was flied from Mammoth, Calif. to another
bigger hospital at Reno, Nevada. She was stable the whole way, from
taking her down on the slope to the hospital to the plane to the second
hospital. Thanks God, we’re still waiting for surgeon’s report, but it
is highly possible that she don’t need a surgery, as surgery on the
spline is dangerous.

This is the rundown of the whole ‘event’:



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