Snowboard, Burton, Speed, Go go go!

Burton Blunt

I bought the Burton‘s Blunt snowboard while I was in Mammoth, CA, US. It costs US$320, It should be the cheapest Burton snowboard that I could find. The bindings I chose was Flow‘s AMP9. The step-in design is very convenient and costs just US$179, which is not expensive compare with other strap-in bindings. For the boots I bought a pair of Salomon‘s Maori. Its powerlace system makes it much easier to tighten the boots. I planned to buy one of those BOA boots but gave up at last, because it would be a hassle if the wire broke, it would be difficult to find someone to repair it in Beijing.

I also have some skiing and snowboarding photos in my gallery, remember to check it out! Have fun!

Burton Blunt front

Burton Blunt back

9 thoughts on “Snowboard, Burton, Speed, Go go go!”

  1. hey there well this snowboard kicks ass wow i want it sooo bad…bet that cost alot of money lol..but anyway it was good leaveing a comment

  2. I really didn’t have enough fun with my snowboard in the past winter. Even though it is still summer, I can’t wait for the winter to come!

  3. Hi,

    I was reading through your blog and I thought you might be interested in hearing about a contest my company is running. Basically people submit pictures and/ or videos of their best days in the snow, beach, or skatepark. The winner gets some pretty cool prizes like a new snowboard, sunglasses, and other accessories. Check it out at Thanks!

  4. It’s a board for beginners so it’s in the middle of being stiff and flexible, not extremely suitable for the park. I can’t tell you more as I still can’t do any tricks yet…

  5. im pretty sure your wrong when you said that this board wasnt made for the terrain park anthony….its wat the board was made for and its definalty not for beginers..well they can use it but probably not recomended

  6. I been riding this board since 2004, it is a twin board full camber profile like most boards from this time frame. It was made for the park. This is not a very forgiving board. Not for beginners, at all. This was my second board i have owned and still my go to for all mountain freestyle.

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