IBM, you have betrayed me three times

My IBM X40 notebook is having problems again, this time is the USB subsystem. No matter what USB devices I plug into the computer, they are not detected.

First was the harddisk, and then it was the battery, now it is USB. I’m fed up with all the problems I met with this notebook computer. If the quality of IBM notebooks has become so low, I wonder Lenovo won’t be any better.

6 thoughts on “IBM, you have betrayed me three times”

  1. IF it’s not under warrant, he should not rant. So it must be. Anyway, any other brand laptop will not be any better. It’s the result of tough competition in the laptop market.

  2. AC, I guess that’s a side-effect of incresed competition and consumerism. People wanted the best performance for the lowest price. And the current mentality that you should get a new laptop every year further fueled the problem.

    Performance, reliability, price. Pick any two.

  3. I think everyone will agree that computer malfunction is very frustrating. So yes, I’m ranting, because it’s not like your home TV or DVD player breaks down, which I can get on my life without them. Unfortunately, the notebook is already part of my life. X40 is not great at performance, but it is not cheap either, as its selling point is its light weight. So I think I deserve some reliability ;)

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