Back from Nanjing

After staying in Nanjing for a month to complete a short-term project that uses XML-RPC, I finally understand and agree to my colleagues that there aren’t many good places to eat in Nanjing. I had been going to Nanjing from time to time, but every time it’s just for a few days, this is the first time I stayed in Nanjing for so long. It’s not because we didn’t try hard enough to look for good restaurants, but it’s because the standard of “taste good” in Nanjing is apparently lower than that in Beijing. Luckily during my stay there is a new Hong Kong-style restaurant (茶餐廳) opened near to our office at Zhujiang Road, and turned out that we went there for 80% of our lunches and dinners.

Several other discoveries in my stay:
1. You can go to nearly anywhere by taxi for RMB 7 (the initial charge) if you live in the city center, as you seldom need to go over 3 km, unless you go to the Time Warner cinema for the best theatre experience in Nanjing.
2. This restaurant, claiming that it’s recommended in Lonely Planet with the praise “The best pizza south of the Yangzi”, has closed… I wonder how good it is…
3. The Italian restaurant “Bella Napoli” at No. 75 Zhongshan East Road serves really nice Italian food. Their pizza tastes just as good as the ones I had when I was travelling in Napoli. Anchovies, cheese, tomato and olives, yummy.
4. “1912” is where you’d like to hang out in the weekend. A8, Scarlet and BB King are good.

2 thoughts on “Back from Nanjing”

  1. The black cat didn’t serve incredible pizza. However, there’s a new place in the 1912 area that sells, hands down, the most incredible pizza in Nanjing. It’s called “New York Style Pizza” or something along those lines. Next time you’re in Nanjing, check it out.

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