From Remote Scripting to AJAX

Nothing is more important than coining a sexy term like AJAX. People criticize it as being old technology and not something innovative for us to be so excited on. Although I can’t disagree more, I got a déjà vu when I stumbled upon this page again called Remote Scripting with IFRAME which I read few months ago and at the time I just didn’t have any feeling. Implementation is different, but the idea is the same, that is to achieve no-page-reload-web-application. “Remote Scripting” sounds old, AJAX sounds cool. Is it how the IT industry flourishes?

One thought on “From Remote Scripting to AJAX”

  1. AJAX,不是什么新鲜事物,只不过,“老酒换了个新瓶子”而已,说白了就是个javascript+xmlHTTPrequest

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